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Extend its shelf life.

Turn it into different formats. After all, people consume content differently: some prefer video, some prefer audio, and some, like me, prefer to read.

A good mental model for this is the content pyramid used by Gary Vaynerchuk.

pasted image 0 1Here’s the slide deck that explains his process.

SIDENOTE. GaryVee has a huge team that helps him accomplish this much content repurposing. That doesn’t mean you can’t do it. It just means you need to calibrate your expectations.

Recommended reading: The Complete Guide to Content Repurposing

11. Create “thought leadership” content on Medium

At Ahrefs, we have a general “rule”:

Only write about topics with search traffic potential and business potential.

The reason: we want every solid wood sofa set online article to generate consistent traffic for years after we publish, and we want to convert that traffic into paying customers.

We want to avoid the “flatline of nope”—where we have to keep publishing just to sustain traffic to our blog.

The diminishing results of publishing blog posts that have no search traffic potential

But this ruthless prioritization has one drawback. We sometimes dump great content ideas because they don’t have any search potential.

Usually, these are opinion pieces or content about how we do things (differently) at Ahrefs.

Enter: Medium.

Medium is a user-generated site that prioritizes great content. The beauty of Medium is the recommendation engine, which suggests articles based on their users’ reading habits.

This algorithm allows topics with no search potential to be found by their readers. Plus, Medium Staff Editors spend their days handpicking great content to feature.

Translation: Medium is a place where we can write about these abandoned ideas and still generate traffic.

Since the start of this year, Tim has published a few articles on Medium.

Here are his stats:

pasted image 0 5

Those are some fantastic numbers!

Here’s our current strategy:

Publish posts with search traffic potential on the Ahrefs blog;

Publish posts on topics without search potential on Medium.

You can read more about Tim’s thoughts on Medium here.

Final Thoughts

In this post, I’ve only included tactics that are free or require limited resources. Of course, if you have the budget and are willing to spend, don’t forget that you can always buy paid traffic from platforms like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Quora, etc.

To be transparent: we also do this at Ahrefs.

For every blog post we publish, we’ll commit at least $100-$200 on Facebook Ads to promote the article. And where it makes sense, we’ll be happy to double down and add more budget.

At ~$0.30 per click, this strategy makes perfect sense to us.

For you, it might not. So, feel free to experiment with a few of the above “free” traffic strategies, and add paid marketing into the mix whenever your budget allows.


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